Beauty School Haircut

I don't like getting my haircut. Usually I say "just a trim" and end up less 5 inches. It's disturbing. My hair takes an eternity to grow. No really- an eterrrrrnity.

So stupid me doesn't skips trims for um, oh I dunno...... a year. Yup. I know. BAD.

But I really wanted to grow my hair out.

You know how "they" say you have to get regular trims to grow out your hair healthfully? They were right darn it. Turned out my hair was soooooo fragile it had just flat out broken off in places I would never have chosen to snip.

Anyway... when I do finally get around to mentally committing to a trim, it's like a switch flips. In my head it goes from "no scissors near my cabesa" to "I NEED a trim, NOW." And then, I scramble for an appointment that is never soon enough and always costs more than I wish it did.

So, this particular time, when the "I NEED a trim NOW!" thought hit, and my wallet was beyond light- I got gutsy and decided to try the Paul Mitchell beauty school. Their wash, cut and style = $10. That's right folks $10. And they are supervised by a senior stylist the whole time.

I had a few people comment on my "bravery" in going to a beauty school- but I have to tell you- I honestly think it was my best cut to date! I am really, really happy with it! It's easy to style, they did what I asked, and my hair feels healthy again. Yay!

So, if money is tight and you "NEED a trim NOW" give a beauty school a second thought- especially a Paul Mitchell one. You'll spend less and get a trim NOW. (Walk in or same day/next day appts). The only difference to note is that it takes longer- as the students are supervised and there is a question answer process going on. But, that made me more comfortable and confident that they would do a great job on my hair- so some extra time in the chair seems like a small opportunity cost.
Forgive me, for I have yet to master the art of the "work bathroom phone self portrait" in the way that Morgan has. ;-) Also, forgive the ginormity of my cheeks in this photo- but hey, my kiddo had to get them from somewhere right? Ha!


  1. Oh my goodness, your hair looks so great!I do have to say that I had the WORST experience there with hair color...But I think its a hit and miss on who you get to do it, but awesome you had a good experience!

  2. 10 bucks!!! Wow! I have the opposite problem, I have WAY to much hair and it grows REALLY fast. That means I trim my bangs like every 1-2 weeks (myself) and start feeling the need for a cut every 2-3 months. I die (and so does my wallet)!

  3. You hair looks AWESOME!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Your hair looks really great! My hair also takes foreverrrr to grow (and I'm also trying to grow it out). I just got it trimmed at Planet Hair ... but with a senior stylist and a tip, I was out $43.50. OMG, typing that out now just seems so insane! $43.50!!! Maybe I'll have to try Paul Mitchell next time.

  5. It looks great!! I cut my own hair (well right now I'm growing it out) but I DO go to beauty schools to get other beauty treatments such as $10 pedicures & $5 eyebrow waxes! I've never had a bad experience with either of those things and love that it is SO much cheaper!

  6. LOVE the cut! It really did turn out super adorable and I'm kind of thinking I need to go over there some time this week for my dreaded 'trim'. Growing hair out is THE WORST!!

    Love the bathroom shot. We keep it classy. :)

  7. Your hair looks great! My last hair session was supposed to be a trim only, and she starts wacking away and then says, "OMG! You were growing it out weren't you?"

  8. Missy- Oh NO. Are you kidding me? My brave alter ego would have shouted something like "Off with your head!!!!!" I am so sorry. I will offer a moment of silence now...


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