Keegan's First Trip to Disneyland!

Sorry to have been MIA for a bit, last week was pretty hectic at work, and it was a short week, as I took Friday off so we could GO TO DISNEYLAND!

We are back, and I just can't say how pleased I am at how the trip went. The last time the hubs and I traveled in the car with the rugrat, we considered the following: 1. allowing the rugrat to ride in the trunk for the final two hours 2. just giving him a whole bottle of Benadryl, 3. leaving him with the nicest looking person at the nearest rest stop and running like the wind. Thankfully, we are decent humans and parents who love their kid, and managed to avoid all three options despite the CONSTANT barrage of screaming, crying, whining, yelling, object throwing and pants peeing that was occurring in the back seat. Thankfully, on this most recent road trip, the rugrat was an utterly pleasant traveling companion. He watched Thomas the Train on DVD with his portable player (for long trips only) played Flight Control on my phone, and played with his toys and gave them imaginary voices the WHOLE time. 4 hours there, 4 hours back. Love. that. kid.

Disneyland was a blast. We specifically planned our trip for a historically lower attendance weekend in the park, so that the crowds wouldn't be horrendous. A sweet friend of a friend bought our tickets for us through her work so we could just pay her the employee price, and we stayed at a very budget hotel for a whopping $50 a night. It was clean, and quiet and safe and absolutely nothing more, ha! But, what more did we need? We were there for DISNEYLAND!

For those of you wondering if there is a lot a 2.5 year old can do in Disneyland, the answer is YES! K was able to ride most rides (barring the big ones like Space Mtn, Thunder Mtn, Splash Mtn) and absolutely loved them. The longest line we waited in was about 25 minutes, and he spent the time playing his airplane game on my phone. (I've got to say, the iphone has significantly improved my life by providing calm entertainment to an impatient toddler at restaurants, waiting in lines and in the car- truly a Godsend!) We rode around 15 rides, and Keegan's favorites were Flik's Flyers in California Adventure and the Autopia cars in Disneyland. Bran and I each drove with him once- we operated the gas, and we let him steer (the cars are on a track, so you can bump around along your way, but not truly go off course) and he laughed so hard, and was so full of joy, I almost cried. I have seen my kid joyful on many occasions, but he was just in absolute HEAVEN. He thought it was the greatest thing ever. He kept saying "Watch out mommy! I'm a craaaaaazy driver! I drive like Papa!" and cracking up. So fun!

All in all it was a wonderful getaway, and I would recommend a trip to Disneyland to other toddler parents out there with kids around the same age for sure!

Here are a few tips that may help you:
1. Food in the park is EXPENSIVE. For very BASIC meals (serve yourself, average quality, slightly better than drive thru food) you are looking at at least $15 per person, per meal with a drink. Pack snacks and maybe even a lunch, or take a lunch/nap break if you're in the park for more than one day- and leave the park and return later.

2. If you're debating over bringing a (lightweight!) stroller- BRING it. Keegan normally hates it, but was fine with it in the park (maybe because there is so much to see, he was too distracted to mind?). You'll need it to get quickly through crowds, little legs get tired, and having a place to sit and rest during meals/snacks if tables are full is a good thing. There is stroller parking around every ride. Don't leave your purse on it or anything like that, but jackets, hats, etc. just leave 'em. It's a norm, and no one messed with our stuff, and I've heard the same from many others.

3. There are more rides in Disneyland than California Adventure that are toddler height friendly, so plan your time accordingly. Also, skip the Bug's Life 3D show unless your kid is unflappable and doesn't mind spiders throwing things at their head in 3D. It's too scary for the itty bitty ones.

4. We stayed at the Travelodge on Ball Road. It's .5 miles from the Mickey parking structure where you can catch the (free) tram to the main gate. It's nothing fancy (read: really, really NOT fancy) but it is clean and safe and only $50 a night. If you're trying to do Disney on a budget (or plan on eating in the park, ha!) save your money on the hotel cost.


  1. Glad you guys had such a great time. Yay for Flight Control!


  2. Man, I want to go! Everyone has been talking about their D-land trips!

    Thanks for the hotel info too!


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