On being screamed at.

Last night, I was driving home from the gym, when something weird happened.

It went like this:
Cell phone rings, it's my friend Morgan, and she had forgotten to tell me something when we were at the gym. I didn't have my hands-free, but I was MAYBE a mile from home, and decided to risk the slim chance of a ticket taking the call. (I have been in one at fault traffic accident and it had nothing to do with the phone, for the record. My phone wasn't even near me. The sun however was BLINDING me... but I digress)

I'm talking to Morgan for maybe 3 seconds, when a Saturn pulls up next to me and starts pacing me on my right side. There are only two lanes in each direction. I'm going the speed limit, driving perfectly normally and straight. The Saturn driver starts laying on the horn and yelling at me to roll my window down. They lay on the horn for what felt like hours, and meanwhile I'd pulled into the left hand turn lane to head toward my neighborhood. They slow, blocking all of the cars behind them, and proceed to yell at me "Get off the road! Don't you know car's been recalled! Get off the d*&$ road! Idiot! And get off your d&$# phone!".

So many thoughts in my head at this moment....
1. My CAR has not been recalled. There may be a minor, not particularly dangerous brake PART that is being recalled, but has YET to be officially recalled in my car, but my CAR is not recalled. Sheesh.
2. Unless she's a cop, I could careless what she thinks of me being on the phone, driving normally, at the speed limit, with the flow of traffic in a straight line on a straight road. Quite frankly, I think her honking and traffic stopping was a far greater danger.
3. Who died and made her evil queen of the road?

I found this whole event to be quite disturbing. What would you have done?


  1. Ummm...flipped her off, called Greg to go get her! Rolled down my window and told her to watch where the hell she was going stupid B*tch:)

    Well, at least I would have wanted to do that!

    Some people are SO flipping annoying!

  2. What is it with people and road rage lately? The other day I was driving on the highway and there was a truck (not a pickup but not a semi...that make any sense?) that was trying to move over into my lane. I was already next to him when I saw his blinker and couldn't move over, so I hit the gas to pass him. He proceeds to lay on his horn, and then when he moves in behind me I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him screaming and waving around his arms and flipping me off. I just brushed it off and kept driving. Then, at my exit, I'm sitting on the ramp waiting for the light so I can turn left, and I hear a big rumbling in the lane next to me. Wouldn't you know it the crazy man had gotten off at that exit and was rolling his window down and screaming at me. Thank goodness he was turning right and I was turning left because I actually got a little worried that he'd try to follow me to my destination so he could yell at me even more.

    What is the deal with people??

  3. I would have *wanted* to ram her car :)

    BUT I probably would have just tapped on my brakes or start driving like 20MPH so they would go away..

    What a jerk! I can't stand people who feel the need to make their opinions known...RUDE!

    Then...you dust off your shoulder (lol) Someone like that doesnt deserve the time of day and isnt worth getting upset over.

  4. Ughhh, that makes me mad just thinking about it. I didn't know they wanted you to roll down your window and said all that stuff to you, omg!

  5. When you said this on Twitter I was so shocked, people are insane! I would've been in shock at the time too and probably wouldn't have known what to do... flip them off? haha yeah, that may have been the gist of my reaction. Who the heck are they to say ANYTHING to you?!


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