Swap Party!

Last night, the girls got together and tested out a fun idea from a magazine: A Swap Party.

What you do, is you get a group of people together, and have everyone bring 5-10 items that they have around that house, that are in condition, but for whatever reason- they don't use. Everything is displayed at the party house, and a sheet of paper with the item name is placed by each item.

For each item that you bring, you can place your name on another item that you want's piece of paper. Once everyone has selected them items they would like- items with just one name automatically go to the person who wanted them. Items with multiple names are raffled. If you lose a raffle, you are welcome to choose another item if there is something else you want. Unclaimed items are donated to charity or taken back home by the original owner. Everyone brought a snack to share.

1. It's like shopping, but free!
2. You clear up space that unwanted items are taking up in your house.
3. You get to hang with friends and eat (always a plus!)

My "loot" from last night:
1. An adorable vase2. A brand new apron set with potholder and two kitchen towels!3. A cute sign for the kitchen4. A jogging stroller!Swap Party People (minus Michelle, who had to work early in the a.m.)
Jimaie and her spoilsThere may have been sweets present...


  1. oh gosh, i look REALLY HAPPY to have gotten the stuff that I got, dont I? LOL!!!
    This party was so much fun, thanks bunches for inviting me Nat! I had a great time finally meeting you (!) and your friends were adorable! It was such a good time and I'm excited about the stuff I got to bring home!
    And the sweets? OH THE SWEETS.
    Your lemon squares rocked my world that night. Thanks to you I will now be needing to make some tonight LOL!
    Yay for swap parties! I hope to hang out with you girls again soon!

  2. I love this idea. I might try it. At our church they did a "Soup and Swap" where everyone brought 5 items to trade. I was away, but a friend brought items for me, and I got some cute stuff back!

  3. That was a blast! I'm glad you ended up with my scary, pointy kitchen hanging thing. :)


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