Things I am loving right now...

J. Crew bracelet that I purchased with a gift card, it matches everything.Mug, brought back for me by our very thoughtful friends, from the first Starbucks in Seattle.French white corningware. I've wanted a set for so long, who knew it was just $39 at Costco!Colorful stacking mugs from Pier One (just $10!). They look cute on the counter, and no one mixes up their cups, since they are all different colors.Herb Garden in a Pot from Trader Joe's. For $4.99 I now have an abundant supply of fresh rosemary, thyme and sage.
What are YOU lovin' right now?


  1. I am loving all your things. Sad. I seriously love them all.

  2. cute bracelet! It's so pretty :)

    I bought those same big colorful stacking mugs at World Market for $10 a couple years ago and loved them SO MUCH that I bought a second set to keep in case ANYTHING happened to my first set LOL! So far so good ;) hah!


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