Our prom photo. At 28.

We went to a couples' dinner our church hosted last Friday night, and had a very nice time. We got to sit with some great people, eat some delicious food, hear a relevant message and play name that tune. All in all, great night.

But, the topper:

We got to take a "dance" picture. Yes, at 28 years old. We're so cool, it hurts.
And no, we did not have alcohol at the church dinner. I have NO clue why I'm doing my leaning tower of Piza impression.


  1. ha. that is hysterical. I love it.

  2. This is too funny! We just had a similar date night/dinner thing at church and now we have a prom-like photo too. Love it!

    Also, I'm sorry to hear about your eyebrows. lol

  3. Wow, two posts in a row!!! :)

  4. oh gosh, I love this! LOL!! Also? I LOVE YOUR SHIRT

  5. What a great picture! What a great couple!

  6. Very Cute blog! This pic is too funny with your special lean! I want to go to Prom with my hubs! I think I am jealous!


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