Super Yummy Easy Meal Alert! (Yes, two in one week- I know!)

I got this recipe from an email that Betty Crocker sends weekly with dinner ideas. Holy cow it was DELICIOUS! Like, please, let me scrape the crock pot and eat the whole dang thing in secret gluttony kind of good.

And, the best part is, this recipe is every bit as easy as it is tasty.

Root Beer BBQ Beef Sandwiches (courtesy of Betty Crocker)
1 beef loin tip (or tri tip)
2 cups of BBQ sauce (I used a honey jabanero one- I recommend a spicy one!)
1 cup of root beer

What to do:
Throw the ingredients into your slower cooker and turn on low. Cook alllllllllll day. 1 hour before you want to eat, shred the beef with two forks, then cook 1 more hour. (This lets the sauce really soak in). Serve in split sandwich rolls or buns.

Enjoy! It's sooooo good! (sorry, no pictures- my first day back on Weight Watchers yesterday and I was WAY too hungry by dinner time to wait for photos, lol)


  1. Sounds so good! I might have to make this over the weekend. New to your blog...not sure how I found you. LOL

  2. BBQ sammiches and root beer....DEFININTELY trying this one out!!


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