The Whittakers are awesome.

I've followed Carlos and Heather Whittakers' blogs for a couple of years now. I first became intrigued with their story when I watched their video journal of their journey to adopt their son, Losiah in Korea. Very moving stuff. I sat sobbing on my laptop at like 1am in the morning once watching all the videos through.

So anyway, I've been keeping up with their adventures for some time now, and they have ties to my hometown (Fresno/Fres-Yes!) and recently had the pleasure of running into them and getting to meet them in person at Uncle Harry's (bagel place for you non-locals). They're super great people. So much so that check this out....

Both Carlos and Heather posted this video on their blogs this week. It's quite hilarious. So hilarious in fact, the video has gone completely viral. It was on the AOL homepage, it was Sport's Illustrated's video of the week Perez Hilton mentioned it, and tomorrow the entire Whittaker family will be on The Early Show (@7:40am EST) and Jimmy Kimmel will be showing their video on his show tomorrow night!

The Whittaker family is using their sudden fame to put the spotlight on the blessings of adopting. Carlos moved this post to the top of his blog after the video went viral. Now go laugh at their video again- you know you want to! This one is also funny!

Side note: Carlos is a Christian musician who's awesome EP has just recently dropped- check it out!

(Thanks Renee @ Life with my Special K's for the info about who's featuring the video)


  1. I love the Whitaker family as well. I'm always inspired by their transparency and adventures. So neat that you were able to meet up with them in real life! :)

  2. I saw the vid on the Today Show on NBC this morning too! I was so excited for them!


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