Giveaway: Win tickets to the Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild!

This Saturday's (April 24) Tweetup is a private, evening event for local Twitter users. Almost all the Zoo's animals will be out, and there will be special tours and chats by zoo staff. In addition, there will be local music, food and drink, plus many Twitter-based games throughout the evening. Oh yes -- and prizes!

To win a pair of tickets to the event, you must be a Twitter user (or join before entering!) and answer the trivia question below in the comment section of this post. Be sure to leave both the answer AND your Twitter Username.

Last weekend, Chaffee Zoo opened a new attraction that would allow kids to dig up which creature?

A randomly selected winner will be announced Friday morning on my blog- so be sure to check back!

Also, if you are not the winner, you can certainly attend! Simply rsvp via Twitter to either @fresnobeehive or @fresnozoo and say that you want to attend the Tweetup Goes Wild!
The special ticket price for the event is $5, and kids under 10 are free. An RSVP'd Tweep can bring whoever they want. Not everyone in the party has to be on Twitter to get the special discounted ticket.

Here are some additional links that may provide you with more information:
Chaffee Zoo on Twitter:
Fresno Beehive:
Fresno Beehive on Twitter:

Thank you to the Fresno Beehive and the Chaffee Zoo for hosting this event and sponsoring this contest! :-)

See you all at the Tweetup!

UPDATE: We have a winner!!!!

The correct answer I was told to accept was technically T-Rex (more specific than dinosaur, so I gotta play it by the book friends) so that meant it was between Jimaie Marie and Archop. I flipped a coin and.....

Jimaie, congratulations! You just scored yourself two free tickets to Wild Fresno tomorrow night! Just say your twitter name when you arrive and you will be on the special VIP list. Congrats again and I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to everyone that participated- I look forward to seeing you there still too! :-)


  1. The Dino dig! Dinosaurs @lucia_S

  2. Dinosaurs! The Dino Dig @Margie1110

  3. Dino Dig... @ mrsdjp_rez

  4. Woohoo! Awesome giveaway!
    The zoo opened Dino Dig where kids can attempt to excavate T-rex!


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for doing the giveaway. And congrats to Jimarie!


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