Phone Vomit Vol. 2

Without further adieu, I give you:
(there should be some theme music playing here- imagine it, k?)

Here is some super amazing yummy NOT Weight Watcher Friendly food I ate.
It was filet mignon and it ROCKED my world. I was able to go out and enjoy a filet mignon dinner because I discovered AND used an 80% off discount code they emailed me. I paid a whopping $4 for a $50 gift card for Campagnia. If you're not using, you should be! (Oh and afterwards you likely should consider using a treadmill- unless you were blessed with a metabolism I was not- in which case I am shooting daggers out of my eyes at you- in the nicest way of course *cough* *cough* Morgan)

Speaking of food, I wanted to remind you, my real life friend named Mrs. Collier- we should have lunch again soon. (I caught her name used in a commercial, so I took a picture of the closed captioning on the screen so I could share it with her. I'm a dork, I know.)
Don't worry Mrs. Collier- I didn't forget you.I get that this car's business is likely legit-
but I still don't know how I feel about buying body parts. Ew. My husband is so nice, he indulged me by allowing me to put my stupid 3rd grade-esque flower bracelet on him so I could take a picture of it. No, he did not keep it on after the picture (go figure right? Lame. ;-) j/k). Anyone else ever make those "back in the day" (I use that loosely, because I do not accept that I am getting old- because, well, I don't want to- shut up crow's feet I can't hear you!)
This week, Coke is on sale for $2.66 per 12 pack! That is AWESOME. Especially considering it was over $6 last week and I almost sold a kidney for some Cherry Coke Zero. We LOVE Cherry Coke Zero. If you don't like diet sodas, try it- you'll be surprised. BUT- DO NOT I repeat DO NOT pour it over ice. It goes flat. Like, before you can say flat. Drink it ice cold straight out of the can- tastes just like regular, maybe better- so good! We are addicted. If we run out in this house- the panic is similar to that when the power goes out. It's BAD. The crappy thing about this week's sale: I had to go to multiple Targets to FIND some Cherry Zero. But, when I did- I bought every pack they had! Bwahhahahahaha!
(I considered running out of the store- because I felt like I'd gotten away with something taking the last three and at that price!) Again, I know. I'm a dork.


  1. I love this post idea and I think I am going to have to steal it since I have been sucking at the blog lately :)

    I love! I traded someone some of my hair pins for 5 free codes! Unfortunately, there is literally only a few non-Mexican restaurants for Bakersfield! Is yours like that? And that comment about Morgan totally cracked me up, I wish I could work out with you!

  2. So glad you called out Morgan and not me with the metabolism comment! :)

    I have heard lots of good things about but never visited there myself. Maybe I should!

    As for the flower bracelets, my kids used to beg me to make them crowns when we lived on base and would visit the was overrun with the little things.


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