Sadies, my neighbor and the sign.

A few weekends ago, we emerged from the house early(ish) on a Sunday morning to go to church. As we were turning away from our street, we notice a big sign on the neighbors' garage- (see picture below) and several balloon bouquets placed by their front door.We aren't really close to any of our neighbors, people seem content to keep to themselves on our street- something I don't mind considering the alternative is loud, nosy neighbors. We thought the sign (in case it's hard to make out, it says: J. Coleman + B. Correa = Sadies????) was a pretty cute way for a girl to be asking our neighbor kid to Sadie Hawkins.

When we came home from church, the sign and the balloons were still there, nothing had changed. I wondered if the family had been outside yet.

When I left for the grocery store at 3ish the sign had started to fall and the balloons were starting to sink a bit, but everything was still where it had been left.

When I came back from the grocery store, the balloons had sunken to the ground and the sign was half off of the garage, but it still looked as though nothing had been touched.

I panicked. I put myself in the place of this poor teenage girl who just made a big gesture "OHMIGOSH why hasn't he CALLED!? He doesn't want to go with me! He doesn't like me! I'm so embarrassed!!! Why did I do that!" I considered banging on the neighbors door. I considered sitting outside to see if someone came home or outside. Then, I decided, it's none of my business. (Dang common sense!)

The next day, everything was still outside, and the neighbor kids were playing catch out front. I couldn't take it anymore- I HAD to ask. I wandered over.

"So, did ya say yes? Is she a cool girl?"

"Yeah. I did."

"That was a pretty cool way for her to ask you huh?"


"Cool, have fun!"

And that was it, because, what else do you say to a 15 year old kid you've never met? Lol!

But, boy oh boy- my heart sure was racing thinking about what I would think if I had to wait for a day for an answer after a grand gesture like hers was! Grand, cute gesture. Hope they had fun.


  1. Ok, THAT is adorable! It was so sweet of you to ask. I probably would've knocked on their door when I came back from the store,though! HAHA!


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