Toddlers as Photogs

Keegan took this picture of Morgan.He then took this picture of Morgan.
Lesson here: Toddlers are unreliable photographers.

Keegan's mom took this picture of Keegan and Maddie.
Keegan's mom is also an unreliable photographer.
(wrong white balance and forgetting to turn off macro- doh!)

Like mother like son I guess!


  1. Oh Lord. You already know what I'm thinking about that first one. We need to establish some sort of photo-approval process before submitting blog posts, lol.

    And Maddie's hair resembles that of an old man with a comb-over when she gets out of the tub, I'm noticing.

    Cute post though. :) Keegan's a mighty good photographer, and that last picture just KILLS me. He was so sweet with Maddie. We need to get a picture of him pushing her in the stroller, haha.

  2. I am so glad we went :) I love hanging out with everyone, even though we didn't get a lot of "hanging out" time really. Also, I think the new layout is so cute :)


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