We've just had a very busy but very fun weekend with our cousins from the bay area who came for a visit. Saturday morning I hosted my second annual "pseudo-mother's-day-brunch" (I say pseudo, because you don't have to be a mom to come ;-)), and Saturday evening we took in a Fresno Grizzlies game- so much fun! We were lucky enough to be treated to seats in the VIP area, tons of leg room (read: room for kids to play) and servers that bring food to you at your seats- and- best of all? Spacious, clean restrooms ;-) Sunday we spent the morning at the park, enjoying the beautiful weather (we only get three weeks of spring here ya know, gotta soak it up! ha!)

I think the best thing about the weekend was getting to see Keegan and his cousin Miles finally have some time to play together, they got along quite well. Thank you Ryan, Hazel, Miles and Noah for coming to visit us!

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