Fresno Friday! v. II A new business opens!

I had a plan for what I wanted to post about today, but it was trumped when I drove by Buddy's Fresh Produce market and saw that for the first time- it was open! I have been very curious about this business, because they've had signs up for quite some time advertising that they would be carrying local, farm fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers. I pass by this place on the way to work everyday- so I've been keeping an eye out for their opening, which was today! I am very excited to have the opportunity to support local growers. So, for today's Fresno Friday- since new businesses opening in Fresno and supporting our most amazing resource- wonderful, fresh produce are hugely awesome- I thought I would introduce you to Buddy's.

Buddy's Fresh Produce Market

Where is it?
Buddy's is located on the NW corner of Shaw and West Avenues in Fresno- an old gas station has been renovated to become the market.

What do they carry?
A wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers, mostly grown locally or in the state.

It seems as though Buddy's primary objective is to offer high quality produce in every possible variety. Some items are not available locally at this time- so they are imported. I would say about 80% of what I saw was locally grown. There were grapes and bananas from South America, and garlic from China (not sure why they had to import garlic?) and shallots from France. But, like I said, about 80% was locally/state grown. (Tons from Reedley, Kingsburg areas)

Do they carry organic produce?

No. Unfortunately, the cashier explained that in order to provide organic, they must have separate storage and cold cases for all organic and conventional foods- and they simply did not have the space to accommodate two separate storage systems. There was great variety available in conventional at this time, so they chose conventional.

When are they open?

Right now, Mon-Sat, with intentions of being open on Sundays too potentially, as their business grows.

How are the prices?

Great! I bought a bunch of asparagus, 4 large pink lady apples, 1 asian pear and a basket of strawberries for $7. I tried to get photos of as many price signs as possible so you could see what the pricing is like.

Bottom line:
Buddy's offers a wide variety of local produce from asian pears, to avocados, to Fresno State olive oil. They also offer a few imported foods of good quality. Their prices are great, and shopping at Buddy's supports locally owned business and farmers. Overall, I will definitely go to Buddy's again, though I really do wish they were able to provide organic produce.

Here are some photos for you, please forgive me, I am no photog.


  1. That place is super adorable! It's like a farmer's market that is more than once a week, awesome!

  2. Wow, I've been wondering about that place...thanks for the info.

  3. Hello Natali,
    Thank you for visiting our store, we are very excited to be able to represent local growers and California growers. I contacted my buddy on the coast this morning and requested a couple cases of nice fresh California Garlic. It will be in the store this evening and on the shelf tomorrow morning. This so awesome because we want to be able to answer all our customers requests. I am currently working on the Organic Fruit and hope to have an answer for you this afternoon.

  4. John,
    Thanks for your comment! I'm excited to hear about the potential of organic fruit availability too! I hope business has been excellent so far and I look forward to shopping Buddy's again. Feel free to contact me with store updates/info and I will do additional posts.


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