Fresno Friday v. III: I'm seeing a pattern develop...

Last week, I had a beloved, long existing feature of Fresno to highlight in Friday's post, but it was trumped to highlight Buddy's Fresh Produce market. This week, I'd decided to go back to highlight what I had planned to highlight last week.... and then.... I had lunch at a new restaurant yesterday. And, well, the long existing feature will just have to wait one more week ;-). I think as I become more of a Fresno explorer, leaving my usual haunts to experience other things Fresno offers that I've yet to have the pleasure of experiencing- that planned Fridays will be trumped by experiences from that week that I am just too excited about to keep under wraps. But, oh what a horrible problem to have right? Too many cool things in Fresno? :-)

Today's highlight:
Casa de Tamales- a new, casual tamale restaurant located in NW Fresno, serving both traditional and gourmet tamales.

Where is it located?
On West Shaw in the "Shaw Marketplace" shopping center near Kohl's between Marty and Brawley. The restaurant itself is near Shaw Ave. between two military recruitment offices.

What's the atmosphere like?
Casual- the walls are painted in modern colors and the building is fairly new. The place isn't huge, there are 4 tables inside, and 4 on the patio. It's a great place to grab a weekday lunch.

How's the service?
Friendly and fast. We had our food within 3-4 minutes of ordering.

So, most importantly, how's the food?

Let me put it to you this way- I LOVE cooking, like absolutely love it, and was planning a to prepare a big meal for my son's birthday Saturday- after I tried the tamales at Casa de Tamales- I ordered several dozen and re-planned my party side dishes around their tamales. They are GOOD. I had the jalapeno cheese tamale with mole and a shredded beef tamale with rice and my mom who joined me for lunch had a chicken tomatillo tamale with house beans. The food was so good! Their masa is all hand ground in the restaurant and comes in a variety of flavors (like red chile, oh it was good!). For more information on their menu (including DESSERT tamales!) check out their menu here (fair warning: do NOT look if you are currently hungry- you will drool on your computer).

How are their prices?
Very reasonable. 1 tamale is $2.49, a two tamale combo with rice and beans is $6.99. Half a dozen tamales are about $12.99 and $21-23.99 buys you a dozen. If you ask, they also have special coupons in honor of their grand opening available through 6/15.

Bottom Line:
Casa de Tamales makes delicious food. With their many tamale choices from traditional shredded beef (spiced so well) to their chicken alfredo tamale with potatoes and pablano chile to their strawberry dessert tamale, you'll want to return often to try them all. Also, vegetarians can enjoy several tamales options as well, like spinach artichoke and portabello asparagus. Quite honestly, I can not wait to pick up my order for Saturday, and.... I might grab lunch there again today. SO. GOOD. (I don't have to wait for Christmas and beg people for tamales anymore!!!)

*For more on Casa de Tamales- check out an actual, knows-what-she-is-doing restaurant/food reporters take here.

Here are a few photos I snapped for you:


  1. I am now starving. Thank you. :)

  2. I love tamales!

    I didn't know Fresno had its own tamale place.

    Those pics looks great.


    I'm gonna have to check it out.

    Thanks for finding this restaurant.


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