Fresno Friday v. IV: Van Ness Bike/Walking Path

For this week's Fresno Friday, (which, yes, I know I'm finally posting on Sunday, so sorry!)I am finally getting around to highlighting the feature I had intended on highlighting a couple of weeks ago. And, while I promise to not stick to NW Fresno locations, I had to highlight this one simply because I enjoy it so much and it's close to home.

Fresno Highlight for the week:
The Van Ness Bike/Walking path

What is it?
The Van Ness Bike/Walking path is a wide bike lane that runs from Shaw and Van Ness to Herndon and Van Ness along the West side of Van Ness.

What's so great about it?

It's got plenty of space for multiple riders/walkers and leads you through one of the most well-shaded and landscaped neighborhoods in Fresno. It's a pretty ride, and with all the shade, not all that unpleasant even in the heat of Fresno's summer. In addition, there are many bike lanes the branch off from the area that you can continue your ride with.

What to watch out for?
Friendly fellow exercisers, varying home architecture and landscape styles and the occasional rut in the path caused by the roots of the super tall trees.

*Disclaimer on the photos:
They pretty much suck. They do not do the area a bit of justice, as I took them while riding my bike and driving in my car. Please just go see it for yourself! :-) You won't regret it.

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