Fresno Fridays! V. 1

I am very grateful to have met a wonderful number of individuals through Twitter and the's website who love Fresno as much as I do. There are people who have never been here (and sadly, people who live here) who haven't experienced all of the wonderful things Fresno has to offer, and have made negative judgments about our city. I want to use my blog as an opportunity to pay tribute to the many wonderful things there are to do and see in our great city- therefore, I am starting a special blog series titled "Fresno Fridays". Each Friday, I will highlight either a place, event or other thing unique/special to Fresno. I by no means wish to say I represent every Fresnan, and my opinions of what may be awesome- may not match yours. However, I hope that I can at least highlight some of the wonderful things about our city my family and friends enjoy- and through this experience, hope to expand my Fresno horizons as well!

So, for my very first Fresno Friday post, I would like to highlight our family's favorite park:
Oso de Oro
Where is Oso de Oro?
The park is located in NW Fresno on Forkner between Bullard and Barstow avenues (Google map here)
What is available at the park?
2 separate playground structure areas (one geared toward younger children and one a bit more toward older children) an "old west" play area, a play boat, sand dig and sand table, two swing sets, two teeter totters, a giant tunnel, wishing well, maze with CA history and state information carved into walls of the maze, a full sized basketball court, 2 large party pavilions, large ponding basin with ducks and geese with two feeding stations, and in the summer months, water runs through a man made stream and there is an area where children can wade and cool off.

What is unique about Oso de Oro?
The park was designed to enable both children with special needs and children without to play together. Wheelchair accessible swings and ramps throughout the park, traceable letters and shapes and many other attributes make this park a favorite for all types of families. Also, Oso de Oro offers such a variety of activities in one location. Water play, duck feeding, sports, multiple playgrounds and party pavilions all in one spot? Awesome in my book.

Why is it our family's favorite park?
Because we have a younger child (Keegan will turn 3 this month) we enjoy that this park has so many activities to offer to young children, without being boring for older children. Keegan has found fun things to do at this park since he was just under a year old, and continues to discover new things to do there as he gets older and gains new skills and abilities. And, I'll be honest- it doesn't hurt that it's close to home for us and we can bike there on nice days! :-)

If you would like to learn more about Oso de Oro, visit the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control Districts page about it here.

Some photos I took last weekend:
The older kids' play area
Grassy areaYounger kids' play areaTunnel play areaWater feature (not yet on for the season)Learning around every corner!
Interpretive maze with CA history/culture
Play boatWater feature on (taken in Sept)Basketball courtSwingset


  1. Well done! I look forward to more of these.

  2. Beautiful, It is the place children love to go to, play area, sand table, swing sets, and giant tunnel even a maze. That is excellent.


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