Time for another rousing edition of....

Cell phone vomit!!! (Queue cheesy announcer voice and 1980s game show soundtrack)

Random photos from my phone posted for no reason really whatsoever! Yay!!! I know, you're friggin' excited right now.

Photo 1:
This is when my back up camera in my car (which I am still not used to having and usually forget to look at) told me an unearthly being was beaming down behind my car. It did not however warn my of the Pontiac I nearly bumped.Photo 2: I blog. I email. I Facebook. I Tweet. But, I am an old school to-do list maker.
Photo 3: I am posting this photo simply because it is very cute of the hubs. Love you hubs!Photo 4: Fun (rare) lunch date in the middle of a workday at the park by Brandon's office
Photo 5: Munchkin insisted I open his new plane in Target before we got to the register. Munchkin also requested I photograph said plane and stated he did not need to smile, "the plane is smiling." Once again, I hand them scan an empty package at the check out.Photo 6: Whenever we go to my parents' for a visit, munchkin insists that they "push the car" or we will in fact not be able to pull out of the driveway. Here are both of my parents AND my Noni pushing my car. *note, if you noticed "color hair" on my to do list- yes, I am naturally blonde, but I'm fake blonde too. I don't like my natural shade as much as the amped version. :-)

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  1. I love the pic of Noni, Mom and Dad. Classic.


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