Daydreaming and a giveaway!

When I was a kid, I used to daydream about shopping sprees for toys. When I was a teen, it was all about clothes and makeup. And now, as an adult, while I still enjoy clothes (and makeup, let's be honest) if I could go on a shopping spree, it'd likely be for stuff for the house. I love making my house feel like home. Sometimes I just love browsing furniture and home sites, such as dining room tables from, and all of the amazing kitchen gadgets and baking goods I find on I could put on that table like Le Creuset pretties... yeah, so my daydreaming focuses on food and eating together- can you blame me? Food + family and friends = AWESOME in my book!

I know I'm rambling here, but I'm getting somewhere, I promise. While I may not be able to go on endless shopping sprees for housewares, I am very excited about an opportunity to review (and keep!) a new kitchen good from CSN stores very soon! CSN stores have been kind enough to offer me a review opportunity, and it my request, a matching product to giveaway as well!

While I await the arrival of the goods, I wanted to just give you a heads up that a really cool giveaway is coming! The hint I'll give you? Le Creuset! :-)

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