Fresno Friday V: Thrift Store Treasure Row

Finding new uses for old things, "upcycling" and buying gently used items are practices that are all the rage these days it seems. Inspired by bloggers who've turned one man (or woman's) junk into their own treasure I've been seeking out my own used treasure, and lucky for me (and my fellow frugal Fresnans!) There are 5 substantially sized thrift/vintage store locations on one little stretch of street downtown, just waiting to be looked through. Thrifting can be a lot of fun, and by reusing and recycling things already in existance you're helping the environment too, which is great!

Thrift Store "Row"

Where is it?
Downtown Fresno, on the 700 block of Van Ness between Mono and Inyo.

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What are the stores like?
Disabled American Veteran's Thrift:
HUGE place, large selection, good prices and daily specials. Of all the stores, they have the largest selection and the most household items, though they have a ton of clothing as well. Of the 4 thrift stores, I found this one to be the best organization wise. This is my favorite of the 5 stores.

Emerald Thrift:
Also a large place, but less organized than DAV. You need to take your time in here, but unfortunately it's pretty hot inside on warm days, so I'd recommend going early in the day during the summer months. Lots of selection here as well.

Vintage Thrift:
Some household items, but largely specializing in clothing and shoes. Pretty well organized, lots of fun things to see.

Thrift Mart:
Good amount of space, well organized, lots of selection. Some items appear to be over stock of brand new stores items donated from medical suppliers or CVS. Daily specials available.

Vintage Voola:
A bit pricier than the thrift stores, specializing in vintage apparel, shoes and accessories. Some really neat treasures to be found here, I believe this is a new location for the store.

Of note: Parking in on the street, bring change for the meters. Also, most stores took VISA/Mastercard/debit but you may want to bring cash too just in case.

Here are a few treasures that I found on my most recent trip:
Vintage looking milk-glass vase $1.65 (DAV Thrift)
Vintage AVON bird cameo ring $3 (Vintage Voola)Swirly wine rack that matches my kitchen accessories perfectly! $4.65 (DAV Thrift)
Don't just take my word on the awesomeness of thrifting downtown. Stop by Morgan's blog and see the treasures she found on our outing too!


  1. I want to go to Vintage Voola! I keep forgetting about it. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. If you add Yoshi Now - these are my top favorites. And they are right down the street from work with makes them super convenient ;) I have found some amazing shoes at DAV.


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