Fresno Friday: The Vineyard Farmer's Market

To most, the Vineyard Farmer's Market is no secret. Many know of it, know people who go, or go themselves. BUT, just in case you're one of the hold outs who has not yet gone, PLEASE, do go! Let me convince you!

Why The Vineyard Farmer's Market is awesome:
1. (The obvious) Locally grown produce, straight from the farmers, at awesome prices (many organics available).
2. It's not just fruits and veggies! You can get flowers, pastries, freshly roasted coffee, potted plants, grass-fed free range beef, raw milk, Three Sisters' cheeses- so much variety!
3. It's pretty. No really. Just look up. The atmosphere makes makes me draw parallels to what I imagine it would be like to shop from the street markets in Tuscany, Italy. Sipping espresso, eating fresh fruit and pastry amongst grape vines listening to soft music... (if you've been to Tuscany and I'm way off, please, let me keep my fantasy ;-))
4. Friendly people. Tons of them flock there.
5. They offer a regularly updated website with event information (such as the fig festival and cooking competitions) and vendor information so you know what to expect before you go.

Where is it located?
Under the arbor, on the NW corner of Shaw and Blackstone

When is the Farmer's Market held?
Wednesdays, 3p-6p and Saturdays, 7a-12p (I recommend you get there before 10 if you want the best selection- especially if you're a berry lover. I. Martinez's berries are AMAZING but everyone wants them!)

To me, the perfect Saturday morning ALWAYS includes a trip to The Vineyard.

Here are a few pics I've taken in the past at The Vineyard

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