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10 Fun and Frugal Ideas for Your Family Summer
Natali Carrera
Published June 16, 2010 by:
Natali Carrera
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Summer Family Fun for Less
In these difficult economic times, the luxury of spending large amounts of money on entertainment is one many can not afford. The staycation is continues to win the war over the vacation and families are searching for
ways to make summer fun without breaking the bank. Here are 10 ideas to sure to fill your summer with budget-friendly family fun. You won't even have to auction off your firstborn on Ebay, pinkie-swear!

1. Take in a movie at your local second run theater
Many cities offer showings of movies that have been in the theaters for a few months, but have not yet been released to rent. Tickets are typically $3-$4 each and you can enjoy the comfort of the air conditioned theater without stressing over your own energy bill! In addition, Regal and AMC theaters are offering free or $1 movie showings for families throughout the summer. For show times visit Regal's website or AMC's website.

2. Go bug collecting
Help your children punch holes in the top of old peanut butter or baby food jars with a screw driver and mallet. Fill the jar with dirt, leaves and twigs. Take a walk together after dinner and search for bugs. A great place to find insects is near light fixtures in the early evening. Be careful not to handle insects you are unfamiliar with. Have fun naming and drawing portraits of your insects before releasing them back into the wild at bedtime.

3. Plant a Square Foot Garden
Learn how to grow an plentiful food producing garden in a small amount of space and work together to build your own square foot garden (for more information on Square Foot gardening visit The Square Foot Gardening Foundation's website). Plant hearty summer foods like corn, strawberries and squash and enjoy tending your low maintenance garden throughout the summer. When it's harvest time, savor the flavors of your fresh fruits and vegetables together.


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