Our second foster pup: Ruby

A little less than one week after our first foster pup, Peanut, was adopted and went to her forever home, Ruby arrived. Ruby was literally tossed over the Selma Animal Shelter's fence and left to fend for herself. A crappy situation for any dog, but especially for Ruby, who I would estimate was approximately 2 lbs and small enough to fit entirely into my hubby's baseball cap.

Thankfully she was quickly discovered and when I saw the call for immediate foster care, I couldn't help but volunteer. Our first foster experience was fun. Having Peanut in the house seemed to be fun for our other inside pup, Lolly, and good for Keegan who continued to learn about proper pet care and who really liked having Peanut around.

At first, when we agreed to foster, I was worried about becoming too attached, or Keegan being too sad when the dogs were adopted, but to be quite honest, knowing they are not with us forever helps and when I don't have to be the one to do ALL of the housetraining (their future owners will take over! ;-)) it's kinda nice! We get the fun and excitement of a "new" puppy this way, teach Keegan about proper treatment and kindness to animals, and help ensure pups are not euthanized due to shelter overcrowding. It's a win-win-win if you ask me!

Just two days after Ruby arrived at our house, she was adopted. No shocker there. She was just way too precious! For the sake of documenting her brief but pleasant presence in our house (and to point out that the foster experience was quite positive and we were willing to do it again- if you're considering it and are on the fence) here are a few pics of sweet little Ruby.
If you live in the Central Valley and would like to help pups by fostering, please contact The Selma Animal Pack at program_coordinator@selmaanimalpack.org.

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