4th of July Recap

I know this post is a bit late, but I figure, better late than never, right?

We had quite a fun 4th of July weekend this year, and were so lucky to get to spend time with some super awesome people! The evening of the 3rd was reserved for our annual tradition of driving to nearby Kerman and enjoying their fireworks display. (Keegan did not join us, as he refused due to his fear of the noise large fireworks make, bummer.) We spent the afternoon of the 4th swimming at the hubs' aunt and uncle's place and spent the evening at an extremely well done house party with friends we've been lucky enough to meet through the Twitterverse. There was ladder-balling, slip-n-slide racing and Scattergory-ing, sparklers and Skittle cupcakes, white chocolate strawberries and rum-n-ade, fireworks and most important a lot of fun.

To all of you who made it such a wonderful holiday, thank you!

Here are some photos, please excuse the poor quality of the nighttime shots, my camera is pretty much the most frustrating thing I own and I want to run it over with me car.


  1. I very much enjoy the slip-n-slide picture where Bauer is in the background and looks like a monster.

  2. Nat, that looks like so much fun!!! Love some tailgating!!

  3. haha! I love the "very realstic" family picture of you guys- I think it needs a frame! Too cute, that looks like such a fun time!!


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