Fresno Friday: The 2nd Annual Great Fresno Tweet Up!

Last night marked the one year anniversary of my true involvement in Twitter, and the start of getting to know some of the coolest folks I've ever met (and a few I still look forward to meeting). Had you told me prior to a year ago that there were literally dozens of people who had such a positive outlook for our city, people who are not only talking about changes but making and impacting changes for the better in our city- I would have thought you were blowing steam. But, I would have been so wrong. I started discovering them last year at the first Great Fresno Tweet Up...

The Great Fresno Tweet Up is an event hosted by The Fresno Beehive and The Fresno Grizzlies baseball team, held at Chuckchansi Park in downtown Fresno during a home game. Local Twitter users are invited to watch the game, meet their fellow "Tweeps" (people who use Twitter) and enjoy $1 drinks and win cool swag. Throughout the game, Tweeps update their Twitter feed (send "Tweets" a.k.a. status updates) and the tweets display on a stadium ticker for all to read. Everyone wears name tags with their Twitter username so it's easy to recognize those you communicate with online.

Last year's event was a lot of fun, however we were seated in regular rowed seats, and it was a little tough to socialize and meet fellow Tweeps. It was also crazy hot and humid last year- like, abnormally humid for Fresno. This year, the fun anty was upped when The Great Fresno Tweet Up "seating" was moved to the pool deck- (for those of you that are non-local, there is literally a swimming pool with picnic tables around it on the upper left field side of the stadium) and the weather was warm, but a lot kinder. Gathering in the pool area allowed for a LOT more chit chat and meeting of tweeps, which was GREAT in my opinion! (Hard core baseball watchers enjoyed the game from the grassy hill directly below the pool deck)

One of the coolest things about meeting people through Twitter is this- you connect through common interests, thoughts and friends- therefore you already have something you can talk about the moment you meet "irl" (in real life). Also cool is the fact that meeting people through Twitter allows you to break out of your typical shell, and meet people from all walks of life- I don't just befriend other late 20 something parents, I meet singles and couples and parents and people from many age groups and professions and areas of expertise.... it's so fun to find out how much we all actually have in common.

Through Twitter I have befriended a truly talented crafter, a super smart and fun PR gal, multiple writers with a ton of talent to inform and entertain, a witty newspaper editor, an amazing tattoo artist, social media and marketing geniuses, an extreme do-gooder and helper of many animals, an architect who seems quiet- but when he speaks has brilliant things to say, an uber-talented pastry chef entrepreneur, a girl who makes anything she's involved in AWESOME and SO many more.

In the coming week, I promise to write a tutorial post for those of you who are thinking "I just don't really get Twitter, how do I really utilize it?"

But until then, if you're not involved in Fresno's Twitter community- take comfort in knowing if you love our city, and want to see great things happening here- you are in good company and can expect good things.

Thanks again to The Fresno Beehive and The Fresno Grizzlies for putting on such a fun event! We were literally the last ones out of the park- we didn't want the fun to end!

Enjoy some photos from the event:

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