Fresno Friday: I heart coffee edition

Typically, I try to feature locally owned businesses only here in the Fresno Friday section of the blog. However, I'm going to make an exception this time, because 1. I patronize this place so often, I can't not highlight it as something awesome available in Fresno and 2. the company participates in tons of charitable fundraisers and activities that benefit the local community.

I love love love Dutch Bros Coffee.

My usual breakfast is an iced, non-fat, sugar-free Caramelizer from DB. It is delicious despite being fairly low on the sinful scale, calorie-wise.

In addition to their frequent contributions to local charitable organizations (such as their upcoming fundraiser for Fresno Bully Rescue, buy a cup of coffee, DB donates $1 to the organization all day July 10th!) here are some other cool things you should know about DB Coffee.

1. Their drinks are delicious and you can customize them in many ways such as adding flavored syrups and whip at no charge or extra shots of espresso for just 25 cents. Soy milk is available for all drinks at just 50 cents more.
2. Their drink menu is fun and creative. Drinks such as a "kick in the face", "annihilator" and the "Kahlua kicker " make selecting a drink entertaining. They've got all the traditional espresso drinks too, just ask.
3. We have Dutch Bros, L.A. and San Francisco do not. Hence, Fresno wins! Yay!
4. Their prices are generally 50 cents to $10 cheaper per beverage than comparable Starbucks drinks. Also, for every ten drinks you purchase, you get one for free. When you turn in your stamp card for your free beverage, if you write your name on the back, it's entered in a weekly drawing for 4 free coffee cards. I won this week! Super cool!
5. The first Tuesday of each month, DB offers all drinks at just $2 each.

If you haven't given Dutch Brothers at try, please do, and consider going on the 10th, when $1 per cup sold goes to the Fresno Bully Rescue!

Dutch Brothers Coffee stands are located at Bullard & West and Ashlan & Chestnut.
(photo courtesy of the Dutch Bros Fresno Facebook Page)


  1. You didn't mention my favorite part, the fact that all of their mocha drinks are actually made with steamed CHOCOLATE milk not milk with chocolate added. :)

    And TODAY is $2 Tuesday!!!!

  2. HOORAY!!! We love Dutch Bros.! I live by the Ashlan/Peach location and I'm sad that none of the times that I've turned in my stamp card have they asked me to put my name on it for a drawing :( I'm wondering if it's just the Bullard location that does it? If so, it's totally worth it to drive over there for my free drink. I'm going to have to remember to ask next time!


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