He set me up!

Keegan likes bugs. He has a plethora of toy bugs.

On any given day, I pick up 50 or so, put them away in his Diego bucket and then repeat the process that evening. It's just life with a 3 year old.

Pick 'em up, put 'em away.
Pick him up, put him away. Lonely little dragonfly.
Straggler in the kitchen, can't miss him. In the bucket he goes.

Pick him up....

Oh! $%*#! REAL bug! REAL bug! BIG bug! Real, big bug! GAH!
(Proceed to run around living room on tip toes, hopping and "gah"ing)

And, that friends, is how my Saturday started.

(For the record, I do keep a clean house, not sure where the giant bug came from, but we tend to see 3 or 4 each summer and then not again. I'm not a big fan of spraying my whole house with poison to avoid a few bug sightings during two or so brief periods a year- I promise we're not living in filth though! :-)


  1. I read this aloud to the boys and they thought it was pretty funny. Boys will be boys. They also said to tell you that they miss their Aunt Nat!

  2. Ahhh grossss!!! My office is currently infested with CRICKETS! We have no idea where they are coming from but each day we find dead crickets! At least they are dead I suppose.

  3. OMG. I have encountered those nasty things outside on the sidewalks in front of my house at night and they FREAK ME OUT b/c they're so humungous! SIIIIIIIIICK. I would've freaked out to, gah! I just shuddered.


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