Fresno Friday: Storyland and Playland!

Since Keegan was just a tiny little group of cells multiplying inside my belly I have looked forward to taking Keegan to Storyland and Playland, and now that he is 3, it was FINALLY time to go and enjoy everything the parks have to offer! We spent a good portion of the day at the parks a couple Fridays ago, and I've gotta say, for parents (and just people who like to have fun and act like kids every now and again!) we are so blessed to have these two unique parks available to us here in Fresno.

What surprises me, is that a lot of local folks are unaware that the parks are open and running and just waiting to fill your kids' memories with fun days. Some people I've chatted with have made comments like "oh! I didn't know they were still open!" or "I thought they were closed for remodeling! I'd like to take my kids there too!" so for that reason, despite the fact that from what I've seen Storyplay has been doing a good job of advertising and networking- I wanted to throw further attention their way through my blog.

For those of you that are new to the area, or simply have never enjoyed a day at Storyplay, here are the basic details...

Storyland and Playland are two separate theme parks located within Fresno's Roeding Park, between Olive and Belmont just East of the 99 freeway. Storyland features characters and scenes from favorite nursery rhymes and children's stories brought to life through interactive exhibits, playgrounds and talking story boxes that are activated with the turn of a "magic key" (available at the parks entry). Playland is an amusement park offering kid friendly (and big-kid friendly) rides. I believe there are 12 rides in all for families to enjoy including a large pond for paddle boating and feeding water birds. Prices are very reasonable at both locations, $13 gets you a wristband for unlimited rides at Playland and entrance to Storyland. In addition to Playland offers a new attraction that is free to all, a "splashpad" full of waterfalls and sprinklers and splashes galore open during the summer.
*please note there is a $5 per car entry fee at Roeding Park

For more information, please visit Storyland Playland's website, or find them on Twitter (@storyplay) or Facebook!

Here are a few pictures from our recent visit, hope you get to personally see it for yourself (or return there) soon!

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