I hope he remembers tonight, next time he's on time out...

As a working mom, I struggle with guilt over the amount of time I am away from my son during the day. Though I love my work very much, and am completely confident in the capable and loving people who care for him while I work, I still wish I had more time with him in a day, and when I do have time just us, I try to make it intentional and special.

Today, my Outlook calendar reminded me it was the last day to use my free burger on my birthday coupon from Red Robin. Brandon had won tickets to a movie premier, and it was just going to be Keegan and I for the evening. I decided we would make it a mom-son night out.

As we headed out, we were able to enjoy a milestone in the car. He used a booster seat instead of his infant/toddler convertible seat for the first time. It was a big stinkin' deal. He LOVED it. He was beaming from ear to ear and kept saying "I'm a big guy now!" He was also thrilled that it had cup holders that swung out. He wanted to be sure we got something at dinner in a cup he could test out in the cup holder (thankfully, it worked out). He's a kid after my own heart, seeing as the number of cup holders in a vehicle is a pivotal decision/sales point when I am car shopping myself.First stop, dinner at Red Robin of course. Because I had the birthday coupon, not only did I enjoy my favorite chicken sandwich free (they counted it as a burger- woot!) but they also brought me a birthday sundae free! (I'm sure you could imagine how disappointed K was over that, haha). I asked him what he wanted to do after dinner, and he said "go to Target". I knew that really meant "I want you to buy me toy planes I want but have too many of already" so I asked him if he wanted to shop for big boy underwear instead. (His were getting tight around the legs and waist.) He agreed and we hit Children's Place and I let him pick the packs he wanted. (Even though it wasn't the most economical combination- which kind of physically pained me... but, it was his night) Since we were in Riverpark near Victoria's Secret and I had a $10 off card for my birthday AND a free pair coupon, he was kind enough to indulge me in a short shopping trip in the girl underwear store too (where he proceeded to go through the bins, hold up panties, stare at them skeptically and say "ummmm... no, I'm not feeling this pair." (Who IS this kid?!)

This moment was as we walked out of Red Robin- he said
"Hey look! Look at this! They must have known I was coming! Fighter jets!"

After perusing undies briefly (pun intended) we stopped by a relatives to feed their dog while they were out of town. Keegan ran all around the backyard with the pup and filled the water and food bowls "all by his-self" and was quite proud. It was getting close to bedtime, but we'd been having so much fun, I wasn't quite ready to call it a night, so I asked what he wanted to do. He said, "go to Dutch Brothers and the park so I can go on the curly slide", so, that's what we did. It was pretty neat going to the park at dusk- everyone else was leaving, so we had it all to ourselves. We stayed until the mosquitoes began to turn us into an all you can eat buffet.What's more classic that slide-hair-static?Throughout the night, he held my hand, kissed the back of it, and told me "you're the best mommy ever". These are the nights that make me forget every tantrum, every poopy diaper that existed, all the runny nose wipes and anything else that makes the job of mom slightly less than glamorous. I love making the most of our time together. I hope next time he's calling me stupid under his breath for putting him on time out for squeezing the 4lb chihuahua just a bit too tightly again- that he remembers having fun with mom tonight ;-)


  1. This was such a sweet post! And it sounds like you both had tons of fun tonight! I love his little comments about "they must have known I was coming! fighter jets!" and now he "wasn't feeling" a certain pair of underwear. haha Yummmm Red Robin fries! Good times. I bet he'll remember this night for a long time!

  2. This was so sweet, what a good time you both had together!
    But I must admit it made me cringe when I saw your little preschool guy in a booster seat...and a backless one at that! While I understand that he may legally be able to ride in booster I would just ask of you to consider the risks and perhaps look into extended harnessing when it comes to the safely of your priceless child. And if not that then to at least look into purchasing a high back booster seat as opposed to a backless, the safety is incomparable when you weigh the risks & benefits side by side.
    I know you're the mom & you mean best but it wouldn't sit well with me if I left it unmentioned. Lots of blessings on your family!

  3. While I thank you for your concern "anonymous", I am comfortable with my decision based upon research I have done, and personally contacting CHP and carefully discussing options. My son is very big for his age (over 40lbs), and quickly dislodges the convertible type of seat to the point of it being loose and no longer properly installed in just one car trip. I feel I am making the best choice for my child and vehicle seat type. This article is a good summary of the information I've heard echoed from many relevant sources. http://www.cpsafety.com/articles/BoosterShop.aspx

  4. Anonymous- should you have information that is very contrary to the article I've linked to, I'd be happy to review it, please email it to me at thethinkingblonde@gmail.com. As parents, we all make decisions we feel are best for our child based on the information we are aware of (and attempt to make ourselves aware of) so seeing statements like this "And if not that then to at least look into purchasing a high back booster seat as opposed to a backless, the safety is incomparable when you weigh the risks & benefits side by side." without having run into that information in my own research means it's either not widely known, or I'm simply managing to click all the wrong links and speak to the wrong "experts". Words like "at least look into" sound a bit accusatory to me, as if you assume I have done no research and simply threw the booster in and drove off. By offering back up information and inquiring as to whether someone was aware of it, I think the point comes across clearer and doesn't make the parent on the other end feel like you believe they are careless.

  5. Okay first of all I almost spewed out my milk when I read that he "wasn't feeling" that pair of underwear. Oh my heavens I miss that boy!!!

    I think it's so rewarding to hear "You're the best, Momma!" from the mouths of my kids. And trust me when I say it'll mean even more coming from a tempermental almost-9-year-old who thinks he's too cool.

    You are a GREAT mom and don't ever let anyone tell you any differently!

  6. What a fun night with your little man!!!

  7. Awww! He is such a sweetie. Those moments are the greatest... I love when Danica tells me I'm her best friend and she wants to snuggle. ;) But then of course ten minutes later her best friend is the toy armadillo she got from a happy meal. Go figure. (insert eye roll here)

  8. This is the cutest post! It inspired me to update my blog as well. I wrote about you for a bit at the beginning of my newest post. =)

    Anyway, you are awesome and I'm glad you two had such a great time together!

  9. You are quite the photographer! More beautiful pix, and skillful spinning of your tale. I enjoyed this post tremendously. --m.s.


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