Keep your jealousy in check.

Do you ever see a blog post about something someone purchased that makes you just green with envy?  I mean, I know envy is bad and all- but let's be honest- sometimes, envy hits and it hits hard.

Well folks- you should brace yourself.  Because, envy- she's a comin' for ya.


I've got....


That's right people.  

Shoes that are mops.  

Mops that are shoes.
They're made of microfiber.

And, they're awesome ;)


  1. @Alisa
    And now, so are my floors.

    I am so lame.

  2. I saw those at Home Goods the other day and I had to control myself not to buy them. Let us know how they work out for you!

  3. I need some of these! And can I just say that I love that they have bows on the top?? :)

  4. Ugh. I could TOTALLY use some of these. ALL of our floors are tile! ADORABLE! Im so jealous!

  5. Do you actually use these to clean?! I saw them one time and wanted to get them for my mother in law, but thought it might be more of a "you're anal about your floors" kind of a gesture. She also liked people to wear slippers in her house. I see it at killing two birds with one stone. :)

  6. Ok, truth be told I don't mop exclusively with these (though I'd probably have some KILLER legs if I could stand to! haha)

    What I do is wear them while I'm mopping so I can dry behind me as I go. Also, if there is a really stubborn spot, I can stamp at it with my foot ;-)

    They are a help, but my Shark Steam Mop is the true work horse. That, and elbow grease.


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