Like coffee? Like cool stuff for free? This post is for YOU!

My lovely friend, Jen, who makes lovely things and offers them at equally lovely, affordable prices was sweet enough to offer me the opportunity to review and giveaway something from her Etsy store, Jen's Craft Corner.

Being the coffee addict I am, I couldn't resist a cute coffee kozy. I chose the "tweet tweet" pattern, but she has tons of fabrics to choose from.

I've been drinking iced coffee during the summer, so I wasn't sure if I'd need/use the kozy yet- but, it's actually really great for two reasons.
1. The condensation that forms on the cup is absorbed by the kozy, so when I pick the cup up, it doesn't drip water droplets on my shirt, thus making me look like I drool (no really, it happens, and it's a problem without a sleeve people, I'm telling you)
2. the drink stays colder and the ice stays ice longer- which is great, because I drink coffee kind of slowly. (I hate to see it gone, so I try to savor it!)

Jen has a lot more than just coffee kozies in her shop though. Custom onesies, costumes, t-shirts, hair bows, keychains, home decor and wipes cases, just to name a few. The kozy is not the only item I've owned from Jen's shop- and I can vouch for the crafts-woman-ship and durability of her products. If you're looking for a great custom gift, you should definitely stop by her site!

If you would like to have a coffee kozy for yourself from Jen's Craft Corner, you are in luck! Jen has kindly offered a kozy to one lucky reader- in your choice of fabric!

How to enter:
1. Stop by Jen's shop and take a peek around.
2. Leave a comment here with your favorite item from Jen's shop, and the coffee kozy you'd like if you win along with an email address I can contact you at if you are the winner :-)

One winner will be selected on Wednesday, August 25th. Good luck!

Here's my kozy, keeping my coffee nice and cool!


  1. OMG I am FREAKING OUT! I ADOOOOORE the coffee kozys! (We all know what a coffee freak I am!) haha!

    I would either go with the pretty paisley:

    or the Blue and Brown:

    Oh dear, I just saw the Flip Flops too:

    SO FUN! and SO Affordable!

    My email address is

    ALSO: Thank you for making this giveaway so easy. I want to enter lots of giveaways, but I hate that to enter you MUST follow, tweet, facebook, blog...So complicated and I dont usually have the time (or desire) to do everything just to enter.

    Good luck all...

    P.s. I LOVE the background! So pretty!

  2. I love her Fobs. and she started making them long before I ever saw them for sell in a store! there are so many great patterns.

    i love the Japanese garden kozy

  3. Thanks Nat! And Jen! (Your stuff is all adorable!) :)

    My favorites are either the Pretty Paisley or the Java Swirl.

  4. Love Jen's Craft Corner!

    And the Coffee Kozys are wonderful! I really like Tweet Tweet and the Red & White floral.

    My e-mail is

    Thanks :)

  5. My favorite item is the "big bro" shirt. Probably because I should be getting Boston one sometime soon!

    I like the Pretty Paisley coffee kozy :)

    emailjunky (at)

  6. So cute! I would want either the

    Watermelon Plaid Coffee Kozy or the Black Damask Coffee Kozy

    I'll send you my email address. =)

  7. How CUTE!! I love the Tweet Tweet and the Java Swirl!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the witch feet t shirt and spider corkers!! They are a must have for my daughters wardrobe this fall! So Cute!
    My favorite coffee cozy pattern is the Blue and Brown Damask super pretty! Such cute stuff! I recommend her shop to everyone I know!

  9. The pink with black polka dot coffee kozie is super cute and would def. come in handy for me! She has a lot of really cute things on there! I'll have to look more at her bows and beanies for my niece!

  10. My favorite item is
    I would totally wear these clips!

    My favorite coffee Kozy is the pink and black dots.

    My email address is:

  11. Well, these are all really cute, but I think I'd have to go with the Black Damack Coffee Kozy ( as my favorite. :)

    I can be reached at jen DOT huerta AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks, hope I win!

  12. I have a friend who would love to have a flip-flop pattern. I think I will send her the link to Jen's site.
    I like the tweet tweet pattern myself.


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