Please allow us to introduce you to our newest family member


Ninja started out as a foster pup, and ended up a family member.

Ninja got her name because she leaps from great heights and instead of landing on her feet, seems to oft prefer doing a forward roll. She does not allow gravity to hold her down! Literally.

Ninja is fitting in very well here.

One morning, I couldn't find her, and then, shortly after, couldn't find Keegan either.
I discovered them hiding in Brandon's closet together.Ninja seems to enjoy watching morning cartoons with Keegan
(don't mind the laundry, clearly I haven't!)And she's even fitting in quite well amongst the ranks of the 'ol regime.

Welcome Ninja!
(Now please, stop barking at your reflection. Thank you.)

If you or someone you know are interested in fostering or adopting a wonderful dog in need of a loving home, please visit the Selma Animal Pack's Facebook page.


  1. That middle photo made my ovaries spontaneously explode.

  2. Great pix, Nat!! Love 'em! Love u guys (mwa!)--mommy salame

  3. Those are some great photos! yay for Ninja!

  4. Um. Is Ninja the most ADORABLE pup ever?!?! *sigh* makes me want another puppy :)


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