Double Praying Mantis

What does it meeeeeeaaaaan??? (If you don't get this reference, go here, and then here.  You're welcome.)

I so rarely see these insects, I thought it was interesting to see two in one day at my office.  Thought I'd snap a couple pictures for Keegan, since he loves bugs.  I really like praying mantises too- I think they are neat.  They seem like a very dignified insect to me, although, I have a tendency to personify things, but hey life's more fun that way!


  1. That's funny you saw two in one day! I bet K loved the pictures. :)

    Have I ever told you about my praying mantis encounter on our honeymoon? Actually, I may turn it into a blog post because it was one of the most scarring experiences of my life. Dignified, my ass! lol

  2. I totally knew what it meant and didn't have to look it up! My husband and I have that song memorized {LOL! SO SAD, I know} its just hilarious!

    NO THANK YOU to a praying mantis..I think they are plain creepy!


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