Fresno Friday: The Frebbys!

Most Fridays, I use the Fresno Friday theme as a way to share with you things that I think are awesome and from Fresno.  This week however, I want to show you how YOU can share what you think is awesome in Fresno in a very cool new way.

This year, Paprika Studios, along with their wonderful sponsors will be hosting the Frebby Awards.

Fresno + Web + Emmy-type-award = FREBBY!

And, guess what?  They even have COOL statuettes!  No lie!

So what do the Frebbys honor? (from the Frebby website)
The Frebby Awards recognize Fresno-area creatives who are setting standards for how the web is used—to promote a product, or to connect with alumni, or to rally a cause, or to (fill in the blank). Awards honor the best online practices in design, creativity, usability and functionality, as well as the individuals, businesses and organizations using them.

There are six categories in which you can nominate a person/organization/business and they are:

The Frebby awards will be held on Thursday, Sept 23rd, from 7:30-9:30 at the Downtown Club.  

For tickets and more information, or to make a nomination, please visit the official Frebby website.  If you are not able to go, and don't wish to make a nomination- you should still check out their site- it's a really neat site and I think the whole event is exciting!

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