It's time for cell phone vomit!

Because I have a bunch of random pictures I feel like uploading for no apparent reason and because, for some reason you oblige me by allowing such posts... time for another rousing addition of Cell Phone Vomit!

First up, a poster I spied at an outlet mall.  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but... if you're going to clutter my inbox with you ads, and all I get is a *chance* to win a shopping *spree* worth $100- I'm going to ask that you re-evaluate your use of the word spree.
 These were my favorite shoes.  They were comfortable, went with almost everything, and had lasted three years.  They also are apparently delicious.  Or at least our latest adoptee, Ninja thinks so.
 Imagine my great surprise when nearly THREE years later, 
I was able to find a VERY similar pair at the Nine West outlet for just $29, on sale!
 After the shoe incident, we considered mailing Ninja to Abu Dabi, 
but alas could not find a box with holes in in that would fit in our mailbox with her inside.
 We went to breakfast with my cousin and his girlfriend Libby while they were in town for a visit.  Keegan demanded we make a train.  You don't mess with 3 year olds and transportation people.
 As if it were a final sign to confirm moving offices was a good call, 
a ginormous black widow greeted me on my final day at the old office.
 And, as if the office spider wasn't enough, one decided to haunt my home on the same day.  
Sidenote: home for sale, cheap!  (kidding...I think....)
 Ninja does not have a discerning pallet apparently.  Shoes = delicious.  Cords = delicious.
 This is what happens when you've been shopping for many hours with your best friend 
and you encounter giant jars of cheese balls.  Yup.  You become cheeseballs.  You've been warned.
 This is what happens when your friend makes up an awesome game using 
baseball cards from the 80's that no one can resist.


  1. LOL! This was very entertaining! Just a little side note may want to purchase dog bones for the lil Ninja LOL!

  2. Nine West Outlet: Heaven.
    Black Widows: Demons.
    Cheese Balls: Better as smiles than snacks.
    Chewing on a flat iron cord, rendering it unusable: borderline unforgivable.

  3. So after seeing what I'm assuming was a giant belly-laugh from Brandon in your new card game, I'm gonna need to know the rules so we can play here ;)


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