Things I am loving: Cleaning Edition

I'm not sure if there is anyone out there who genuinely LOVES to clean- but, if there is, they can certainly move in with me... haha.

Really though, cleaning my house... it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the pre-cleaning straightening and putting away of stuff.  If I could just wash clothes, spray counters, mop, etc. without all the pre-work, I think I would hate it much, much less.  I also enjoy the "before and after" you get when cleaning something really dirty- it's for this reason that I would like to think Brandon and I put off certain chores, haha.  Ok, maybe just general procrastination has something to do with it too... ;-)

I thought that others might appreciate knowing which products I've found to make cleaning a little easier or less unpleasant.  I'd love to know what you've found too, if there's something you'd really recommend, please oh please put it in a comment, I would LOVE it!

Favorite laundry soap:
ECOS (environmentally friendly) brand Lavendar Fragrance $4.99 for 34 loads (67 if you have an HE) at Fresh and Easy or in large bottles at Costco (I normally am only so-so on lavendar fragrances, but I LOVE this so much, sometimes I just go open it and smell it for kicks!  And for those of you worried your manly man's clothes will smell like flowers- they won't.  I don't smell it on the clothes really at all)
Favorite mopping secret weapon:
The Shark Steam Mop hands down.  This product has recently been improved upon and now uses microfiber double sided mop heads and has a pivoting head for easily getting under and around things.  Even though I just have the older version, I still think it's probably the easiest way to mop my tile and hard floors quickly.  It cleans with steam, not chemicals, so it sanitizes without utilizing costly or harmful products.  Also, the floor dries almost instantly, which is great when you have a kiddo and doggies who aren't so fabulous at "please-don't-come-in-here-while-I'm-mopping!!!".  The mop doesn't glide on air, and sometimes it take a couple passes to get out tough spots- but I think it's still easier and faster than the old fashioned mop and bucket or sink and sponge mop, and again, no chemicals.  You can purchase it from Costco for around $60-70 or Target from around $70-80, depending on where you live.

Dusting Champions:
Microfiber cleaning cloths.  I think I paid around $5 for 2 at Target years ago, and those same two continue to hold up well. Any brand is fine, just make sure they are microfiber.  They pick up the lint and dustbunnies, and no refill disposable products (ala Swiffer dusters) or sprays to buy.  Stack shown below (comes in a 40 pack- maybe split it with friends, because 40 is a LOT) is from


  1. I LOOOOOOVE CLEANING! To me it is therapeutic! I will clean anytime, night or day! Just LOVE IT! {and NO Im not being sarcastic!}

    My absolute FAVORITE cleaning buddy is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It cleans ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! You hardly even have to scrub!

    Wall scuffs, floor scuffs, mildew, hard water stains, spots, scrapes..anything! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

    I also love the Tide To Go Pen. It's not really for "cleaning" but is an amazing stain remover! When you get something on yourself, just wipe it away! It's so amazing :)

    Fun post!

  2. I LOVE the Shark steam mop. Every mom of young kids should have one :)

    I really like Sporiclean. It's an enzyme cleaner for mold, mildew, etc. I think you can only get it online, but we are still using our original bottle that's at least 2 years old. I especially use it to clean out Iain's humidifier. So much safer than bleach.

  3. I love Simple Green, and almost everything that I've tried by Meleleuca. But, I hate to clean. =)


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