Thrift store treasures!

Had the opportunity to do a little bit of thrift store treasure hunting, and was so pleased with my finds!  Thought I'd share my bounty with you.

First, an adorable retro Pyrex butter dish for $2.95
 Next, Halloween decorations for $1.95 each, plus 50% discount for seasonal items, so under $2 total
 I love to decorate for fall, and these pretty fall glass pieces totaled less than $5
 And this heavy weight glass candy dish seemed worth $4 to me.  
I can picture it filled with candy corn and pumpkin cremes, can't you?
 And finally, this beauty seemed like a perfect match to my other treasured Pyrex bowl that I'd purchased at an antique store.  It was in the collectibles section at the Salvation Army, 
so at a whopping $6.95, it was the most expensive item, but I confess, I LOVE it.
 Here's the bowl I'd found previously at an antique store in Old Town Clovis

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  1. My first yard sale find was a set of those green flowered dishes! They've lasted through 3 apartment moves and are our everyday dishes at our house.


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