You want to eat WHAT?

Keegan (to my mom, while she babysat): I want some of my new favorite food for a snack.

My mom: What's that?

Keegan: What's what?

My mom: What do you want to eat?

Keegan: Um... Rap-terds.

My mom:  You want to eat what???

Keegan: You know, Rap-terds!

My mom then spends about 20 minutes going through my pantry and fridge showing Keegan different things and asking if that is what he is referring too.  He says no, and the no becomes increasingly desperate until they finally give up.  He drinks milk, and takes a nap.  I come home from work.

My mom: Um, Keegan said he wanted to eat his 'favorite food, Rap-terds' what is he talking about?

Me: Say-what?

My mom: RAP.   Terds.

Me: uhhhhhhhhhhh

Keegan: Mom!  You know?  It looks like this?  (Draws rectangle with two fingers in the air) It has white frosting?

Me: POP-TARTS?  You want a POP-TART?!

Keegan:  Oh yeah. Pop Tart.  I want a Pop Tart.

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  1. This really happened the way Nat tells it here-- and I'm still laughing out loud at this recollection! I can only guess that "pop tarts" made no sense in the recall section of his brain, so hey, "rap terds", that must've been it!


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