Out of the mouths of babes...

So here's one for ya.  Yup, that's really the best intro I've got for this.

First, observe the picture below.

It's from the back of a Highlight's children's magazine. 

My mom was showing it to Keegan, and asking him questions about it.  
He was rather disinterested but did "grace" her with one answer. 

My mom: 
Keegan, what's wrong with the panda bear?
The panda?

My mom: 
Yeah, what's wrong with him?

Ummmmmm.... his cat is coming out of his butt.

Clearly.  Cause, that's the most logical explanation.


  1. OMG Nat that is soooo super funny leave it to a three year old to see that a cat is coming out of his butt! LOL

  2. lol... but the cat is coming out of his butt! ;)


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