Fresno Friday: The Best Donuts in Town

Can definitely be found at Judy's Donuts.  Judy's has multiple convenient locations in town, and lucky for me, one of them happens to be on the corner right by my house (did I buy here because of that?..... maybe... ;-).....ok, so it was a definite added bonus).  Judy's Donuts are made fresh every morning and it smells AMAZING walking up to their stores.  I was having a pretty rotten week and to be honest, a really rotten day- but I caught a whiff of that donut smell this morning and new a maple bar might just do the trick to turn my frown upside down. It really did help. (Not the waistline probably, but definitely the spirit!) As did the free donut hole they always throw in!

If you haven't bought donuts from Judy's you definitely should, and soon!  Why not bring a dozen to the office in celebration of Friday?  Support local business and win the favor of your co-workers- a TOTAL win-win!
Just 85 cents for a fresh, delicious maple bar at Judy's Donuts

Not sure where the nearest Judy's Donut store is to you?  Here's a handy Google Map to help you out:

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  1. I have always love Judy's donuts! Even when there was a Krispy Creme in town I always chose Judy's. I will drive past 4 donut shops to get them! (gotta buy a dozen at a time for our family!)

  2. I'm not kidding... my boss gets them from Judy's every Friday and always picks me up a maple bar. I just finished it. :) They are really amazing!

  3. No joke, someone bought Judy's donuts in to my office this morning too! LOL

  4. Love Judy's! I just wish there was one here in Sunnyside! We love them and always chose them over Krispy Kreme!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I made David go out and get us donuts this morning because of your post yesterday. And although you like your maple bars, I'm a fan of the twists! :o)


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