Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Auto-timers!!!

That's right!  It's that time of year in which families everywhere stack books and boxes on patio furniture, stand together outside and take 47 pictures in attempt to get *one* decent photo to use as a Christmas card!

Huh- that's just us?  You have someone else take the photos?  Hmm.  That may be an infinitely better idea.

Know what though?  The experience is pretty worthwhile for the bloopers if nothing else ;-)  I love photo cards.  I confess.

This year, I am very grateful for  They are offering a fabulous promotion for bloggers- 50 Christmas cards for FREE for blogging about them!  I have used Shutterfly for multiple photo projects in the past and have been VERY happy with the results so I am very confident in wholeheartedly recommending their company on the blog.

Last year, I used Shutterfly to make a photo calendar for each grandparent and great grandparent as Christmas gifts.  They arrived earlier that promised, were of excellent quality and were a great hit with each of the recipients! 

If you'd like the opportunity to blog about Shutterfly and participate in the 50 free cards promotion, here is the link you'll need.  Enjoy!

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