Savings on a Sunday

I'm not a genius when it comes to budgeting.  I suppose my skills must be at least adequate, seeing as the bills always get paid and there is always food to eat in the house (blessings I never take for granted) however, planning wise, sometimes I'm not so good.  I'd like to hit a point in which I actually regularly am able to put money away for an emergency and I don't hit almost 0 (or even 0) in the checking account waiting for the next paycheck, but until then I continually look for opportunities to save money and get what I need from a dwindling checking account.  This week, my grocery budget was a bit sparse and I was also planning to have lunch out before my grocery trip with a good friend, something I'd really been looking forward to.

Here's how I pulled it off...

Lunch: Very easy actually- we ate at Chevy's.  Delicious and full of tasty opportunities to get full without spending a lot of money.  With the complimentary chips and salsa as well as the fresh, hot tortillas from "El Machino" all it took was a tasty bowl of Kickin' Corn Chowder ($3.99) to become quite satisfyingly full.  With tax and tip I spent less than $6.50 and greatly enjoyed my time with my friend.

Shopping: Each week, as things come through the mail I watch for coupons for things I will actually use.  Fresh and Easy's weekly ad has coupons on it, they often mail coupons and they email them too if you sign up for their e-newsletter (bottom right on their home page has a sign up field).  This week, I also had two Victoria's Secret free panty coupons, so after lunch, I made a quick trip there and cashed those in.  (The more you use those, the more often they send them ladies- so if you get them, USE them!)

Prior to hitting the grocery store, I made a meal plan that included as many inexpensive ingredients as possible or utilized things I still had on hand at home.  This already stacked the list in my favor financially, and having a $5 off $25 coupon sweetened the deal.  I was able to purchase all of the items on my list for just $29.

With a little planning, and a little mail watching, you really can do a lot for very little!

Today's haul:
1 lunch out with a friend, $6.25
2 pairs of fancy underwear, $0
Groceries for the week $29

All of these items were purchased for just $29

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