This product really SUCKS!

Not too terribly long ago, I mentioned having been kind enough to offer me another opportunity to review one of their kajillion products from their 200+ web stores.

I think I've also mentioned in the past that I have a LOT of hard floors in the house.  While I love hard floors because it's a LOT easier to clean dog hair and spills, I also HATE mopping, so it's kind of a win-lose kind of thing for me.

In our living area and dining area we have "wood" floors.  Not the real hard wood stuff, but pergo/laminate stuff.  I really like it because it's super durable and smooth.  In the kitchen, we have this hideous textured tile.  The tile itself isn't hideous really, but it's old and the seal is long gone.  They feel very matte and they aren't slick at ALL anymore- so the dirt REALLY sticks to every little textured indentation.  The kitchen tile never really looks clean, even when it is as clean as I can possibly get it.  Someday, I hope to replace it, but there's going to have to be a hefty tax return or other windfall to make that happen.  In the bathrooms we have smooth tile.  Normal stuff.  Drama free tile if you will.  Soooooo now that you've thoroughly been put to sleep by detailed descriptions of my hard floor surfaces..... I'll tell you what I decided to review from CSN.

Are you thinking it has to do with cleaning floors?  Because if so, you should get a hotline and make some money telling fortunes friend!

I ordered a stick vac.  Yup.  A vacuum on a stick.  I read all the reviews, learned that basically cordless ones suck- moreover they don't suck enough- so I went with one with a cord and good reviews.  I ordered the Hoover Flair for $49.99 and can I just say- this thing is so. freaking. awesome?  No really, is it ok for me to be that enthusiastic about a vacuum?  Because I SO am! 

Here's why I like it:
1. When you come up to an edge or corner, it powers everything out and sucks it up because it's STRONG.
2. You can go straight forward and back OR it's pivoting joint allows you to push in curving paths every which direction!  I can get all around my table and chair legs without MOVING them!
vacuuming in curves!
3. The canister can hold a lot of junk before you have to dump it- and it's bagless.
4. The dust filter is washable and reusable.
5. It works equally well on my smooth floors AND my hideous textured tile!

I confess.  I've pulled this thing out like once a day whereas before I'd Swiffer twice a week and sweep/mop once a week.  It's just SO easy to use and SO effective!  If you have a lot of hard floor space in your house, I would REALLY recommend the Hoover Flair (corded) stick vac- I truly think you'll love it!

Thank you to CSN Stores for the opportunity to test out such a great product!
*Please note while the product of my choice was provided by CSNstores, my review of the product is strictly my own, 
I have not been asked to give a positive review of the product- I just TRULY love it!


  1. I agree! I have a similar corded stick vacuum for my hideous old kitchen tile, and it works great! I have to have something for all the Betsy hair that wafts into the corner!!

    Also, I made your chicken pot pie this week for us and an extra for my parents, and it was delicious!! Everyone loved it! Thanks for the recipe! It will definitely be one that is made over and over again in the Steiner house!

  2. does it do anything on carpet/rugs? I have all bamboo floors but have one area rug that needs vacuumed as well and I hate having to either switch attachments with my Kirby or use two different vacuums! I use my Roomba regularly, but when I really deep clean I need something great!

    Also - I just purchased a new steam mop and am totally in love with it, so I think it's okay to be in love with a vacuum on a stick LOL! I had the old Bissell Green Tea steam mop and was so frustrated I went back to the old fashion kind - until I ran across the Eureka one which apparently is 100x better! YAY I can get my steam mop on again!!

  3. Alyson, I'm so glad you enjoyed the pie recipe! Now I want one, like, for lunch! lol Oh and the wafting dog hair totally necessitates a stick vac I think.

    Kara, you can vacuum carpets with it too- it has a setting for that. Do I think it does as good of a job as a big heavy duty vac on carpets? Meh- debatable. But for going from hard floor to carpets- you definitely could. I have the Shark steam mop but I'm kind of underwhelmed with it. I found that just regular mops are more effective for our weird, textured tile unfortunately. Glad you found a good one!


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