Cell Phone Vomit Time!

Time for random glimpses into the ridiculousness that is- you guessed it- my life.  

Fun with glasses in the Halloween store

We're just so classy it hurts, ya know?

Tempts me EVERY time.

Guess what? Cat and I could buy 2.5 edible pizzas for the cost of this toy at Urban Outiftters

Ok.  Ok.  I know.  Time to clean my desktop.

Braved wearing my sweater with what I thought was one hole.  Turned out to be 8.  Whoops.

Cousins trying out the Kinect on Thanksgiving

This is what happens if you say "if you don't smile in the picture, Santa's not coming." (I'm evil. I know.)

I decorated my office for Christmas.

It took all day 36 seconds.

This train stood between me and lunch.  No bueno.

Finally replaced my piece of crappola old camera with something better.  Yay for Canon!

Thought this was going to end up a longer list of numbers to subtract.  Coulda done THAT in my head!  But couldn't leave it unfinished.  OCD much?

Video Games: Bringing families together.


  1. Your note pad subtraction totally cracked me up...HAH!

  2. FUN POST! I love the office decor..lol :)

    and I love the fact that you took the time to determine how many edible pizzas you could get for the price of the one stuffed pizza...too funny!



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