Fresno Friday: Smothered and Yummy Edition

This Fresno Friday post is not so much intended for my fellow Fresnans as it is my non-local readers.  My fellow Fresnans are 99.9% likely to know and frequent the place I'm about to highlight- but for you non-Fresnans, may I PLEASE implore you- if you visit Fresno, and want to eat something completely delicious- to stop in at the Dog House Grill???

That's right.  I said the words.  And right now, my fellow Fresnans are plotting their lunch breaks, changing their lunch dates and wiping the drool from their chins because I said Dog House Grill.  Three words.  SO much deliciousness!

If you're not from Central CA, chances are you may not be familiar with the amazingness that is "tri-tip".  Tri-tip is an especially delicious beef loin cut that, when prepared correctly, is amazingly tender and just overall awesome.  It's most commonly prepared on the bbq, rubbed with spices and garlic and sliced and smothered with barbecue sauce.  If you want to enjoy some tri tip for yourself, you'd be hard pressed to find a better sandwich than at Dog House Grill.  (I'll count Firestone's in San Luis, but, that's because the two places are pretty much identical and owned by the same folks!)

If you go to Dog House Grill, you should definitely order their tri tip sandwich and do NOT deprive yourself of their perfectly seasoned fresh, piping hot fries.  Ask for a side of barbecue sauce for dipping too, because their signature sauce is the PERFECT mix of spicy and sweet.  It's my favorite barbecue sauce of ALL time (and I REALLY like barbecue sauce)!

Other things on the menu are good too- I've tried the grilled chicken sandwich and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I even tasted some of my munchkin's "kids plain hot dog" and the quality of their dog is even impressive.

Dog House's prices are quite reasonable, especially for the quantity and quality of food you get.  For the hubs, myself and kiddo to eat, I spent (with tax and tip) $27.  That provided two top quality (large) tri tip sandwiches (did I mention they toast and garlic butter their bread?) and a HUGE "basket" (bowl) of fries, two sodas, and a very non-kids-size (big) hot dog which I'm sure was 100% beef and very good quality (and served on the same kind of french role our tri tip was served on).

The only drawback to Dog House Grill is the potential for crowds.  Their food is worth the wait EVERY stinkin' time- but sometimes you do have to wait awhile.  Dog House Grill is located on Shaw just west of 168, and right across from Fresno State and the Save Mart Center.  Which means- if there is a home game at State or an event at the Save Mart Center- the place may be standing room only, and you'll need to prepare for a wait.  Parking attendants are staffed to help you park and located any available spaces, but I recommend timing your trips, for non-event days if you're not an uber patient person.

One final note- if you're still undecided about trying Dog House Grill, you should know that it is at least 20 minutes one way to Dog House from our house.  The wait from order time to food time is approximately 10-20 minutes.  And the drive back is again, 20 minutes.  But, when either the hubs or I say, "Hey, do you want Dog House tonight?" There is NEVER a hesitation.  The answer is always yes.

Now, go get you some! :-)

Kiddo knows the food to come is going to be awesome- just LOOK at that smile!

I want to eat another of these sandwiches RIGHT NOW.  Whenever you read this- the statement is still accurate.

These may be totally worth my life span shortening.  Cholesterol? Never heard of it... Lalala can't hear you!


  1. Now that I'm veg I can't eat the majority of the things here, but FRIES (and beer lol)! I opt for ranch mixed with ketchup for dipping. Seriously so yummy.

  2. It's a little far, and a little pricey, I think 10.95, but the Pub in Reedley has the best ever tri tip sandwiches. It's called the French dip and comes with the best au jus. I absolutely love them!! 10.95 is a lot, but you get a cup of their soup of the day, which is always homemade and yummy, a small salad, the very large sandwich, and fries. It is downtown in Reedley. Soo very worth the drive.

  3. I love their ABC burger, salads and chicken strips. I prefer Sequoia Brewery's tri-tip sandwich over all other's but Doghouse's fries put everyone else's to shame.

  4. damn! now I want doghouse grill.
    i agree about the bbq sauce ... SO GOOD

  5. I guess it is time to make a confession. Just first please promise to still respect me;). I haven't been to Dog House Grill! NerdDad and I just haven't gotten around to going. We just aren't real sure about taking all the kids. Will it bankrupt up us to take 4 kids? That is in comparison to like a Chili's?

  6. Oh no, not at all. And it's not a full service restaurant, so while you can tip in the jar when you order at the counter, there's not a full tip necessarily required either. I *think* the tri tip sandwiches are $7.99 (probably the priciest thing) and almost everything else is less. The fry basket EASILY could feed 4 kids. (It's huge) If you skipped sodas, not only would you not break the bank, but I think you'd even go as far as to call it a great deal for amazing food and large amounts of it :-) (I'm very budget conscious too and don't really frequent places that aren't budget friendly unless I have a coupon or something similar.)


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