It's Not Martha's Tree.

I've never been one for perfectly coordinated Christmas trees.  No offense if that's your preference- it's simply not mine.  I grew up with Christmas trees covered in macaroni and glitter snowflake ornaments, foil stars school pictures framed by a string of red sequins, nativity ornaments and Flintstones balls.  Each ornament was tied to memories and it was fun pulling them out of the cardboard boxes one by one unearthing the treasures and memories.  Thankfully, the hubs isn't all about the Martha trees either, so that works out well!

When Brandon and I began dating (over 10 years ago now!) we started exchanging ornaments with each other on Christmas.  We now have a collection of 20 ornaments, each with a story of why we chose that specific one for each other.  Recently added, we now have "Keegan ornaments".  Baby's 1st Christmas, a silly fish and a Santa in a plane that was once a favorite of mine that is now his "favorite one".

I love our colorful, mildly-tacky-in-places tree of memories.

"it's the best tree EVER"

Maybe he'll learn about spacing when he's 4.

First ornament he bought for me, an angel.  He thought I was one back then, hahaha!

Cinnamon ornament made for us by cousin Riley

I think I bought this one for him because it was just cute.

One of many Keegan's first Christmas ornaments

One of the first ornaments I bought him- the elf had a goatee, and he used to too.

Our first Christmas together, 2000 (yes, I need a manicure, you're welcome to treat ;-))

Photo ornament won at an ornament gift grab with cousins- photo is of my great grandparents, Graziella and Nicolo

A sweet coworker of my Dad's bought this for us before Keegan was even born.  It plays music too.

Brandon bought this one for me- he says I'm the penguin cause I'm always on his back, lol.

Guess we *might* need to trim that a bit

Our 2010 tree


  1. I think it is a beautiful perfect tree!

  2. Hey Natalie! Great post and tree! Maybe I missed it but where did you guys end up going?

  3. Thank you Taripie ;-)

    Jasen- We ended up getting it from Skookum on Blackstone and Shaw. Not quite the Cobb's experience, but it's a good looking tree, $26.99 (netted, didn't know that was going to be $5 or would have skipped it and only paid $21.99) and it sure smells good! I'd say it's 8-9 feet/Douglas Fir.

  4. I love it! We used to get real trees when I was younger. Somehow, it turned into a fake tree every year. Haha!! But yes, I do LOVE the smell of the fresh trees. Maybe next year (if we have a house by then), we can get a real one?!


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