The Nativity.

Last year, Keegan was given a Fisher Price Nativity set for Christmas.  It's pretty darn cute, I've got to admit.  Growing up, we always had a nativity scene set up in the house too.  When I was little, we had a ceramic set, and it was one of those "don't touch, just look" things.  It looked something like this:
Image from
When my sister and I were a little older, our family was given a new nativity set, and the figures were made from resin (i.e. we could touch them this time!)
The second nativity was similar to this and these are the same figures we had. Image from
My sister and I used to play with the nativity for HOURS!  Now, I'm hoping that isn't some sort of direct ticket to heck or something- because we were kids, and it sure was fun!  The typical plot line was baby Jesus would get stuck on the roof of the nativity and everyone would be very worried, but thankfully, just in time (and everytime) the angel would fly in and save him right before he fell.  (Phew!)

I'm thinking our current nativity set is even more play friendly.  Again- I really hope playing with a nativity isn't some sort of sin I'm unaware of... but Keegan and I have been enjoying talking about the story of Jesus AND making sure the angel rescues him (and the cow, and the occasional donkey) from falling from the stable roof.

I love traditions :-)


  1. Playing with the nativity is one of my favorite Christmas memories! That wacky baby Jesus always getting into trouble. I have no qualms about saying that, because I'm pretty sure if there's a hell, I'm already going for a lot of other reasons...

  2. Love reading your nativity memories, and the new ones you are creating. And about "no-tweet's" last comment? not if I have anything to do with it!!


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