Paparazzi parents.

Last night, Keegan had his first ever Christmas show at school.  Things started out rocky.  VERY similar to school picture day.  (Did I tell you about school picture day?  The day where he threw the biggest fit of all time and nothing I tried in my entire arsenal of both Super Nanny approved and disapproved parenting ideas had the SLIGHTEST effect on him- that day?  Let's just say Keegan is not in the class picture this year.)  Before the show, I picked him up, drove around the block to my parents for a quick dinner, changed K into a Christmas-y sweater.  "I don't like singing.  Christmas shows are scary.  Singing is for babies.  I'm scared of singing"  All the signs of a picture day meltdown were rearing their ugly head.

Thankfully, my dad was thinking on his toes and said (so simply) "If you sing, you can have one of my gingerbread cookies."  For some reason, this time, all it took was a good ol' basic bribe. "Ok, I'll sing." (Go figure.  Sure didn't work on picture day!  But, I digress...)

After said cookie was eaten, we hopped in the car and I hustled Keegan "backstage" with his class.  The church where the show was held was PACKED to the brim.  Standing room only.  They quickly set up folding chairs in the aisle and Brandon and I were lucky enough to snag a couple across the aisle from one another.  Not the best set up- but, great location for pictures and video taping.  Well, one would think.

The preschool director comes on stage, does an intro, then the 2 and 3 yr olds are walked out.  While sitting in my chair and being careful not to lean and block the view of the person behind me, I casually pull out the camera (and the Flip video camera, since I'll likely need it) and prepare to snap a few pics, record a song and consider this parenting experience one for the books (and ready for Facebook, because it is 2010 after all and I have friends' kids to tag for them right?!).

The next thing I know, the room turns into a press conference.  Parents rush the front row, aisle and several crouch in front of the stage.  Video cameras worth likely half the cost of my car are whipped out, lenses are swapped on cameras, husbands and wives split up.  If I didn't know any better, I'd SWEAR the cast of Twilight had arrived at the church.

My calm chair-sitting-photo-taking-plan was clearly defective as all I could see was the backs of parents' heads.  And that's pretty much all I could see throughout the entire 3 minutes and 45 seconds Keegan was on stage.

I managed to snap 4 pictures and capture a whopping 30 seconds or so of film (no thanks to the Flip, which froze when I started it up and never recovered.  Sigh.)  I'm sure the whole thing was adorable. 

But, you know what?  I'm going to have to call the night a success.  Keegan didn't throw a fit.  I had no chance to cry over "how big my baby has gotten!" Keegan sang a few lines each of at least two songs (from what I could see) and seemed pleased with himself.  No child peed themselves, vomited on stage or ran off crying (maybe I've watching to many America's Funniest Home Videos?)  It was a rite of passage for us all.
1 of 4 photos I was able to capture
2 of 4 photos, complete with other parent heads

Yup.  That's a hand motion folks.  Woot woot!

Photo 4 of 4 I captured while Keegan was on stage

We're very cold.  So cold we're blue.  Or I accidentally set the camera in the wrong mode.  One of the two.

His Little Drummer Boy drum sticks
On the way home, Keegan sang one of the songs in its entirety.  Good show son.  Good show :-) 


  1. When I was in kindergarten, we sang "I Love My Little Teddy Bear", while holding our bears. One child couldn't find hers, and started crying. The show had to be delayed, curtain closed until the bear was found. I remember the announcement that there had been a lost bear. I was embarrassed, and hoped that they couldn't tell that I'd been crying. I still remember the words to that song. :)

  2. Oh gosh - that is ridiculous! Apparently you were the only one with camera etiquette! I love K's slicked hair LOL!!

  3. Well said. Thank you! This post was another in so many that are delightful to read.


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