Five Faves: Measuring Tools

I really enjoy reading about products and items that others use and recommend, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with you, my (one loyal, kind, superbly cool) reader :-)  I'd like to make this a regular feature here on the blog, so let me know if you like the idea. Thanks!
 *I am also currently working on a special Fresno post, don't worry- Fresno Friday will be back soon!

5 Faves: Measuring Tools
Since I love to cook, there are a variety of tools in my kitchen that I really enjoy using.  This Christmas, my sweet husband bought two special kitchen items I had on my wish list and they are both measuring tools, so since I think they're pretty darn neat, I thought I'd do a "measuring tools" edition for my first 5 Faves.

Fave #1:
Austin's Flora Measuring Cups from Anthropologie
I've been lusting after the beautiful measuring cup sets at Anthropologie since the store opened locally, but never could bring myself to drop the nearly $30 on them, but as a gift.... it seemed ok? ;-) I finally put this set on an official Christmas wish list this year because they have nice straight sides and handles- which means I not only could stare at them, but use them as well!

Fave #2:
Primary Confection Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie
These spoons were the other item on the wish list.  I just love them!  Now that I'm doing Weight Watchers again, it's important for me to be aware of portions and having multiple sets of measuring spoons is nice because I'll use the tablespoon multiple times in a day (coffee, olive oil, salad dressing).  It doesn't feel so bad limiting myself using these cute spoons.

Fave #3:
When I found these, I thought they were so cute, and easily something that would fit it on Anthropologie's shelves as well- well, that is except for their price- at just $3, these spoons (oh yeah, another tablespoon for me to use, woot woot!) were a steal- aren't they cute?  I couldn't find them sold separately (or in the colorful version) online, but the link does take you to a similar set that comes with cups.

Fave #4:
Anchor Hocking Measuring Glass
I was given this handy little measuring glass as a gift shortly after the hubs and I were married and would never have suspected how handy it would be.  I love this little glass!  One of my favorite things to use it for is measuring 3 tbsp honey and 3 tbsp soy sauce, sprinkling in a little crushed red pepper and a minced garlic clove or two for an easy stir fry sauce.  I stir it with a chop stick right in the glass.

Fave #5
Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups
I love glass measuring cups because they are heat proof.  When I'm making a pasta that requires me to reserve a little of the pasta water to use in the sauce, I just dip one right into the pot before I drain the pasta.  No ladling and potentially spilling boiling hot water in my kitchen!  They are also great for melting butter in the microwave for use in recipes.  Whenever I make garlic bread, I toss butter and minced garlic into one of these and nuke them.  The pour spout is convenient too.  Very basic, but also very useful!


  1. I LOVE all the measuring tools you posted. I haven't bought anything from Anthropologie before, didn't know they carried kitchen items. WOW!

  2. I found your blog from 20sb! I am a fellow Fresnan also, well Clovis!

    Glad I found this!

  3. Oh Eileen, maybe it's best you forget that fact about Anthropologie- watch out wallet, lol! Beautiful things!

    Hi Jami! Welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog :-)

  4. I think 5 Faves would be a good addition to your blog

  5. Gah! I want those first measuring spoons! They would match my kitchen PERFECTLY. I cannot wait to be in a house permantly so I can get all kinds of fun kitchen gadgets! :)


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