Fresno Friday: My favorite downtown food

There was a period of time when I worked in a big building downtown.  Usually, I packed myself a lunch for work because it was cheaper, easier than leaving the building and it was healthy.  BUT, when I did venture out for lunch, for myself and my colleagues (and apparently a very good size crowd of fellow downtown workers) there was one place that was THE place to go for lunch.

Open just 4 hours a day (10a-2p) and Monday through Friday only, The Mediterranean Grill is one of the best places you'll EVER eat lunch.  The decor is not fancy, it's just a big room with tables and chairs, the service is fast and if you don't get there by 11:55 you may not find at seat at the noon lunch hour, but man oh man is it worth it!

I always order the same thing- I know I should venture beyond the Lebanese Chicken and Rice, but it was the first thing recommended to me and I loved it, and just can't stand not having it when I go there.  For $13 (with tip and tax) I enjoyed a large diet Pepsi and a VERY hearty serving of buttery pilaf, grilled marinated chicken breast, fattoush salad and my favorite part- a generous dollop of the most amazing garlic sauce you'll ever taste.

Next time you're downtown, please try The Mediterranean Grill- you'll be glad you did!


  1. Uh-oh that doesn't look very WW friendly!! :)

  2. Don't worry- I logged every point and saved flex points for it :)

  3. So I've been haunting your blog for awhile and just had to comment on this...

    I ate there once like 6 years ago and cannot stop thinking about it. Glad I'm not the only person in the world that loves that place :)

  4. Oh! That place is good! Alex's sister took me there last year. YUM!!


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